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In-calls available in Aerocity, Connaught Place

Work as an independent escort

We're Recruiting!

Are you short on money and want quick earning?

You can earn INR 1 Lakhs per day if you are well-educated, English-speaking having a nice look, a nice body and a warm personality.

You can earn INR 2 lakhs per day if you are available anytime in 24 hours plus have all qualities given above.

A right place for right girl

  • Please note that all of our escorts are self-employed and we acts only as an agent to bring you clients.
  • We work on 50-50 basis
  • You are the boss here, you can work for a day, a week, a month or an year; it all depends on you.
  • You can quit whenever you want.
  • We respect a girl's privacy and we are happy to work on your terms.
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Working Conditions

Minimum age of 18
Fluent in English
  • Never share your personal number to client. By sharing your number to our client, you can earn only few clients but will loose more clients. It is wiser to collect an egg from a hen every day instead of tearing it apart. (We are a Golden hen)
  • We recommend our those girls to our richest clients who are honest with us.
  • If you are found connecting with our client personally, you'll be fired immediately.(Doesn't matter how precious you are for us).
  • We work on trust basis. If you want to earn more and more, try to win our trust and you will see that you are earning very well.
  • Many girls join us daily but we work only with those who get fit in our guidelines.
  • We doesn't want you to work twice or thrice daily. We want you to work once in a week but with full transparency, dedication and honesty. You will see that you are earning more than other agency girls who are working many times a day.
  • Please don't contact us if you are not honest. If you are thinking that you are wise enough to make us fool, you are a fool. We are in this business for 15 years and we are very experienced in all finer things of this business.

NOTE: We cater only premium clients. Our clients are richest gentlemen of this world. Politicians, Business Tycoons, CEOs and Delicates are our regular clients.

Your application

Send us the following details on whatsapp briefly

1Your details
2Your vitals
3About you
Contact us only if you accept our following working terms:

Please note

  • Send real, genuine, unfiltered images. a full-body and a full-face photo is must required.
  • Pics received on whatsapp will not be used anywhere without your consent.
  • We pride ourselves in telling our reputed clients that our girls are reliable and punctual. This is something we expect from you.
  • Feel free to ask anything anytime as we are available 24 hours on whatsapp.

Independent escort jobs in Delhi

Are you a girl looking for work from home job? Are you adult and want to earn huge in quick time? Do you require urgent money ? Do you have financial problems? The only answer of all these questions is escort job. If you are in Delhi and want to earn big in quick time period, independent escort job is best job for you. This job is only for girls and its a big opportunity for good-looking and well-educated girls.

You can do this job directly from your home. You can do it as a part-time as its only a few hours job. In this job, you have to meet the client for few hours and you will earn big for this few hour meeting. It is a very safe and secure job for girls. You will meet the client only in five-star hotel in Delhi. You just have to spend some quality time with the client and he will pay you for that time. Escort job is about giving company to gentlemen who are alone and need a female partner to spend time.

It depends only on you that how much you want to earn in this job. You can earn maximum if you are fully dedicated for this job. If you give full time availablity, you can earn INR 1.5 lakh per day. There is no earning limit in this escort job, it depends on your availability. The more you are available for work, the more meetings you do, the more you will earn.

NOTE: We cater only premium clients. Our clients are richest gentlemen of this world. Politicians, Business Tycoons, CEOs and Delicates are our regular clients. It depends on your personality and look that how much you will earn.

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