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Before booking

If you want to cancel your booking for any reason, please let us know at least 4 hours in advance. In this situation we will cancel the booking free of cost.

Please see the below situations, accordingly we charge you..

If the girl hasn't left to meet you yet, you can cancel it for free.

But If the girl has left her home and she is in the way, in this situation you will have to pay a cancellation charge. because all our escorts are independent, they make schedule to meet you. Their time is valuable, hope you understand.

But If the girl has reached at your destination, you have to pay full booking amount. As we said, our escorts's donation is for their time they are spending with you. She left her home just for you, she reschedules her time only for you. You should pay her.

When the girl reached you

Call us and tell us why? If you just don't like her in any way, its not our fault. Pay her and she will left. if you want another girl, let us know.

Ready? book your escort today

If you want to spend some quality time, contact us.

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